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All functions

Convert an OpenML Flow to a mlr3 Learner
Helper function to create a benchmark design
list_oml_data() list_oml_evaluations() list_oml_flows() list_oml_measures() list_oml_runs() list_oml_setups() list_oml_tasks()
List Data from OpenML
mlr3oml mlr3oml-package
mlr3oml: Connector Between 'mlr3' and 'OpenML'
oml_collection OMLCollection
OpenML Collection
oml_data OMLData
Interface to OpenML Data Sets
oml_flow OMLFlow
Interface to OpenML Flows
oml_object OMLObject
Abstract Base Class for OpenML objects.
oml_run OMLRun
Interface to OpenML Runs
odt() otsk() oflw() orn() ocl()
Syntactic Sugar for Object Construction
oml_task OMLTask
Interface to OpenML Tasks
Read ARFF files
Write ARFF files